Menorca Food and drink

Seafood plays an important role in Menorca Cuisine and a full range is available from Lobsters to Sea Bass to Peus de cabrit (Goose Barnacle)

Traditional Spanish dishes and meals are common throughout Menorca that includes Paelas, Tapas, omelettes and numerous sausages. Menorca is home to several unique specialities with some gaining recognition throughout the world, that include:

Menorca Gin Xoriguer

Menorca is famous for its Xoriguer Gin, its distinctively aromatic flavours are made of grape wine and flavoured with imported juniper berries from mainland space. The actual Gin Distillery at Mahon’s Port dates back the 18th century when it was constructed in order to keep the British Fleet happy.

Menorca Mahon Cheese (Queso de Menorca)

Mahon cheese is made on the island with cow’s milk and is a soft to hard white cheese. Alaior is the main production area with Coinga, Dalrit and Cardona factories situated there. In 1985 it was given it's own Denomination of Origin.

Caldereta de Langosta

Traditionally prepared for Menorca fisherman Caldereta de Langosta is a Lobster stew and an island speciality.


Ensaimada is a traditional Menorca pastry. It’s a spiral shaped pastry made with flour, sugar and animal fat. It’s officially named Ensaimadas de Mallorca that is famous worldwide.

Menorquina ice cream

Named after Menorca, Menorquina is the islands ice cream manufacturer; you’ll find bars, restaurants and shop freezer cabinets full of them as well as some extravagant Menorquina desserts on the menu. Although today they are made in Barcelona.