Find a geocache treasure…

On those rare overcast days, why not try your hand at modern day treasure hunting. Using your phone or a GPS device you discover the hidden cache (treasure), with help from cryptic clues. Great fun on your own, in a couple or all the family.

Geocaching is a great outdoor activity that can be enjoyed by all the family. It’s an outdoor real-world treasure hunt that involves finding or hiding containers called “caches” or “geocaches”. There are 2,638,50 active geocaches and over 6 million geocachers.

Using a GPS device or your smartphone you hunt down the caches and once found you can either trade the items you find in the container or just log your visit in the logbook. You can also log your visit online. The geocache craze has certainly hit Menorca and there are currently over a 100 geocaches around the island, many of which can find nearby coastal resorts, and along the ancient path Cami de Cavalls.

To find out more about the caches in Menorca log on the international geocaching website – Registration is free, so sign up then download the app to your smartphone to start geocaching. Menorca was declared a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve zone back in 1993, to ensure its cultural heritage remains unspoilt and caches must be positioned so as not to disturb sensitive wildlife or placed within archaeological sites.

Geocaching guidelines

  • When seeking to place a geocache make sure there is a public right of access.
  • Ensure the cache container is clearly marked, stating that the content is harmless and giving the placer's email address or other contact method. Only items that would be deemed safe and acceptable for an unaccompanied child to find should be placed in the cache.
  • No cache may be placed in such a way as to risk damage or disturbance to any Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) or Scheduled Monument. Make sure you help us protect our natural and cultural heritage at all times. If you are unsure about the designation of your cache site please contact us, we will be happy to advise.
  • No items of food or drink of any kind should be placed in the cache.
  • Caches must not be buried, and holes must not be dug in order to place a cache.
  • Caches must not be hidden in animal holes or runs.
  • Cache containers must not be placed inside a polythene bag. Grazing animals have been known to die after eating discarded polythene.
  • Fences, walls and hedges should never be crossed (other than using a gate or stile) when placing or hunting for a cache.
  • No caches should be of a commercial nature, either in location or content.
  • Maintenance of the cache is the responsibility of the placer.
  • When leaving the cache site after hiding a cache, there must be no visual sign of disturbance.
  • Please do not bring geocaching into disrepute, never drive your car anywhere other than on public roads and always park legally.
  • Always go properly equipped for the terrain and weather conditions, and follow normal practice for safety in the outdoors.

Geocaching in Menorca

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