Cala'n Bosch Travel Guide

Discover Serenity at Cala'n Bosch: Menorca's Seaside Gem

The stunning south-west coastline is home to the beautiful Menorcan resort of Cala’n Bosch or Cala Bosc, located just 5 miles south of the islands second largest city Ciutadella.

Known for its peaceful family orientated residential areas, a vibrant marina, a bustling shopping complex and two gorgeous beaches and more nearby. It’s a resort that offers an excellent range of water sports and spectacular attractions nearby.

Whether your holidaying alone, a couple or bringing the family it’s a well-developed resort that’s accommodates a wide range of activities for all ages such as horse riding, cycling, jet skiing, paragliding, flyboarding, sea kayaking and much more.

Getting around in Cala’n Bosch

Cala’n Bosch, is split into three districts, spread across a walkable three kilometre coastal stretch, offering spectacular views across the Mediterranean sea with Majorca in the distance.

Cap d’Artrutz: Situated on the southwestern tip of Menorca, with its key attraction the Cap d’Atrutx lighthouse where visitors can enjoy food and drinks whilst admiring the stunning views over the Mediterranean sea, particularly at sunset. There are two good sized supermarkets and a couple of car hire centres as well as several bars and restaurants. Accommodation wise the area is dotted with whitewashed villa’s and apartments making it a relaxed residential area but conveniently close to Cala’n Bosch proving access to its marina, restaurants, shops and beach.

Cala en Bosc: Tucked between Cap d’Artrutz and Son Xorguer, Cala’n bosch is a quiet and relaxed resort offering private villas and apartments for rental but also a wide variety of hotels. In the centre there’s a vibrant marina with a wide selection of restaurants for every taste and bars with live entertainment. Located behind the marina is the main shopping complex where you will find a wide range of shops, car and bike hire companies, a pharmacy, doctors, and a couple of well stocked supermarkets. There are also supermarkets located either side of the iconic bridge that crosses the narrow sea channel. The main larger Cala’n Bosch beach is located here adjacent to the marina. The Aquarock Waterpark and Go Karting track are located here and a smaller waterpark called Goody Goody on the marina.

Son Xoriguer: Situated east of Cala’n Bosch, Son Xoriguer is a quiet tranquil area with a mix of villas and apartment complex’s along with several hotels. There’s a gorgeous sandy beach with calm crystal-clear waters making it ideal for swimming and various water sports are on offer. Its about a 10-20 minutes stroll into Cala’n Bosch or a longer coastal path with stunning views of the sea. There are several supermarkets, car hire companies, kids playgrounds and a trampoline park.

The beach at Cala’n Bosch
The beach at Cala’n Bosch
Views of the sea and beach at Cala'n Bosch
The sea channel views towards the marina
The sea channel views towards the marina
Paragliding around the Cap d’Artrutx Lighthouse
Paragliding around the Cap d’Artrutx Lighthouse
The beach at Son Xoriguer with several options of water sports
The beach at Son Xoriguer with several options of water sports
The shopping complex at the marina in Cala'n Bosch
The shopping complex at the marina in Cala'n Bosch

Getting to Cala’n Bosch

By Car: Cars can be pre-booked and picked up at the airport, Momple offer some of the best rates in Menorca with no hidden costs, starting from around £110 for a week. Journey time to Cala’n Bosch is approximately 1hr.

By Bus: A bus route is available to and from Mahon airport. A regular bus service takes you from the airport to Mahon’s bus station. Then Route 1 – Mahon to Ciutadella, takes around 60 minutes and cost €5.10. From there you switch buses to Route 65 - Ciutadella to Cala’n Bosch and Son Xoriguer and will cost €1.95.

By Taxi: A taxi journey from the islands airport to the resort takes rounds 1hr and will cost approximately €60 - €70.

Airport shuttle: Direct airport transfer are also possible by Shuttle Menorca, they provide transfer by taxi, coach, bus and even a VIP offering. From Mahon airport to Cala’n Bosch by shared bus will cost €23.42 return. By private transfer for up to 4 passengers will cost €185.73 return.

Heading out to sea from the marina
Heading out to sea from the marina
A choice of restaurants from Mexican to Italian to traditional Spanish
A choice of restaurants from Mexican to Italian to traditional Spanish

What to do in Cala’n Bosch

The Cap d’Artrutx Lighthouse (Far d'Artrutx) is located on the southwest point of the island is a must see, its an active lighthouse originally built in 1859 and modified in 1969. Its since been converted in to a restaurant and bar.

Cala’n Bosch beach (platja de Cala’n Bosch) is the bigger and main beach in the area, known for its fine white sands gentle sloping into the sea with turquoise coloured waters (great for snorkelling).

Also in the area is the beach at Son Xoriguer, a smaller sandy beach with crystal clear waters. Nearby company Surf & Sail Menorca offering numerous water sports to try out including windsurfing, kayaking, catamarans, wingfoils and paddleboards.

Known for the water sports on offer, around the marina and beach you’ll find companies offering numerous activities such as jet powered flyboarding, paragliding, speed boats, paddleboards, kayaks and jet skiis. If your interested in Scuba Diving head to the SeaQuest Diving Center in Son Xoriguer or the Bluewater Dive Centre in Cap d’Artrutx with both offering courses and tours to Menorca’s best dive sites.

Also from the Marina you can go on a boat trip along some stunning coastline and visit some gorgeous secluded beaches, such as Son Saura, Cala des Talaier and Cala Turqueta. We recommended the company Don Pancho for boat trips. For those wanting to try out horse riding Menorca A Cavall offers horse riding tours and pony rides for children. We would also recommend the equestrian shows at Son Martorellet.

For walkers and cyclists there are two stages of the coastline pathway known as Cami de Cavalls both of easy difficulty from Ciutadella to Cap d’Artrutx (7.4 miles) and Cala en Turqueta to Cap d’Artrutx (8 miles), we recommend you catch a bus to Ciutadella, then onto Cala en Turqueta and walk back to Cala’n Bosch, but take plenty of water, there are no shops on route. For shorter walks from the centre of Cala’n Bosch more suited for kids, try following the coastline path eastwards where you’ll discover the beach at Son Xoriguer then onto the sea cave at Sa cova des pardals. Alternately, follow the coast westwards to the Cap d’Artrutx lighthouse which offers spectacular sunsets over the sea with views to Majorca.

We would recommended a trip to Cuitadella, Menorca’s second largest city on the West Coast, its a short drive or bus journey away. Wander around its historic narrow streets near the Santa Maria Cathedral where you’ll find lots of individual shops selling everything from high street designer brands to beautifully locally crafted items. There’s also a market on Friday and Saturday mornings and every evening during the summer on the ports steps.

Check out our favourite things to do in Cala’n Bosch and nearby:

Cala Galdana beach

Cala Galdana Beach in Menorca is a popular family-friendly destination known for its horseshoe-shaped bay, fine golden sand, and calm, shallow waters.

Cala Macarella beach

Cala Macarella Beach in Menorca is a renowned Mediterranean paradise known for its stunning turquoise waters, pristine white sand, and lush natural surroundings

Cala Macarelleta beach

Known for the stunning turquoise waters and pristine surroundings, it's a smaller, more secluded cove ideal for relaxation and swimming in a beautiful natural setting

Cala Trebaluger beach

Cala Trebalúger is a remote and secluded beach in Menorca, characterized by its pristine beauty, clear waters, and a tranquil atmosphere.

Naveta Des Tudons

Built approximately 3000 years ago the Naveta is a type of funeral monument.

Castillo Menorca

Castillo Menorca is a shopping and entertainment complex in Menorca, offering a wide range of retail stores, dining options, and entertainment facilities.

Cala Mitjana beach

A spectucular setting for a one of Menorca's finest beachs with soft sand and clear turquoise coloured water.

Super market and beach side resturants at Son Xoriguer
Super market and beach side resturants at Son Xoriguer
Flyboarding at Cala’n Bosch beach
Flyboarding at Cala’n Bosch beach

Where to eat and drink in Cala’n Bosch

Menorca's cuisine, particularly seafood, can be enjoyed at the many restaurants around the marina in Cala’n Bosch, everything from local Spanish favourites to seafood delicacies to spicy Mexican to Burger King.

We would recommend the restaurant and bar Artrutx Sea Club located at the Cap d’Artrutx lighthouse that showcases a variety of seafood, prepared using local ingredients.

At the marina in Cala’n Bosch try Restaurant Aquarium that offers a wide range of fresh seafood and Restaurant Mr Jaume known for its fish of the day menu.

In Son Xoriguer there’s three restaurants, Ti Amo offering Italian dishes and Restaurant Neptuno offering paellas, monkfish and octopus both on the beach front with lvoely stunning sea views and Dulcinea just next to the beach with the supermarket nextdoor.

Check out our full list of restaurants and bars in Cala’n Bosch and a few nearby below:

Check out our favourite bars, restaurants and foodie destinations in Cala’n Bosch and nearby:

Menorca Cheese Museum

The Menorca Cheese Museum is a cultural attraction that showcases the island's rich cheese-making heritage. It offers visitors insights into the traditional methods and history of cheese production in Menorca

The Goody Goody childrens waterpark on the Marina.
The Goody Goody childrens waterpark on the Marina.
Supermarket and souvenirs heading towards the Cap d’Artrutx area.
Supermarket and souvenirs heading towards the Cap d’Artrutx area.

Know before you go

Language: While Spanish and Menorcan (a variant of Catalan) are the official languages, English is widely spoken in tourist areas.

Currency: Euro (€) is the currency used throughout Menorca.

Credit Cards and Banks: There are four ATM cash machine across the entire area, after that you’ll need to visit Ciutadella.

Local Etiquette: Menorcans are known for their warmth and hospitality. A simple "Hola" (Hello) or "Gracias" (Thank you) in Spanish goes a long way in making connections.

Top Tips from the Author

During high-season local bands play music in the square at Cala Torret and outside Bar Paupa on the getty and there’s a local craft market every Thursday adjacent to the Fishermans village in Binibeca Vell.

The nearby supermarket Sa Botiga de S’Uestra, is approximately 3km north of Binibeca will save you cash on those resort based supermarkets and have an excellent fresh fruit/veg and meat section, perfect if you like to BBQ.

Like Tapa’s? Visit nearby town Sant Lluis and visit Bar Rueda for an extensive range of tapa’s and main dishes. Chips are amazing but we also recommend the meatballs, pork loin, Russian salad and calamari. They also offer a take away service.

Stopping in an apartment without a pool and too many jelly fish in the sea, visit El Faro in Binibeca Vell, they have a large swimming pool that paying visitors are welcome to use during the day.

The perfect picture… Whilst walking from Binibeca Nou to Binibeca Vell, half way down stop of at a villa’s gardens archway for a selfie or family snap overlooking the sea, gorgeous in late evening when the sun’s setting.

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