Naveta Des Tudons

4 km East of Ciutadella

Naveta Des Tudons

The naveta is located 10 km from Ciutadella on the main NE-1 road to Mahon. The naveta is the most important historical/symbolic monument in Menorca. Built approximately 3000 years ago the naveta was a burial monument used to bury the dead.

Built without mortar the construction is made up of large stones and takes the form of an upturned ship where the name naveta comes from meaning ship in Catalan. The building has two floors, from the entrance area you reach the second floor with another entrance to the lower floor.

Archaeologists have dug up more than 100 individual’s skeletons were discovered with personal belongings such as bracelets, bronze beads from necklaces, spearheads as well as pots and ceramic urns.

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