A memorable Menorcan experience not to be missed

Discover the thrill of riding a horse, a gorgeous and intelligent animal through Menorca’s countryside or on a coastal bridleway.

The terrain in Menorca is ideal for horse riding, whether you’re after leisurely treks where you can enjoy the picturesque countryside of Menorca or looking to develop your skills as a rider, there are numerous riding centres in Menorca.

With footpaths, tracks and bridleways in all parts of the island, you can take in a variety of landscapes, such as limestone gorges, pine forests, lush pastures and country tracks or discover the stunning coastline and its most attractive beaches along the ancient bridle path Cami de Cavalls or Path of Horses. You’ll love the peace and tranquillity you’ll get from horse riding in Menorca and your experience a stunning perspective of the island from the saddle.

Horse riding can be enjoyed by almost all ages and there are three main stables throughout the island providing lessons and a variety of horse riding routes that will explore undiscovered parts of the island. Some stables have ponies suitable for children from as young as 3 years old where they can enjoy short pony rides or take a short lesson.

Companies offering horse riding

Horse Riding in Menorca

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