Does a Blue Flag signal a good beach?

Information about the Blue Flag

The Blue Flag is a world-wide known and trusted eco-label, created, and maintained by experts that continually access and develop the criteria. The headquarters are in Copenhagen, Denmark.

The following are the categories and the main principles that must be met for a beach to be awarded the prestigious Blue Flag status.

Water quality

  • The beach must perform water sampling and meet quality and frequency requirements
  • Waste water, sewage or industrial related waste should not affect the beach area
  • The beach must achieve an excellent in the Bathing Water Directive
  • The beach needs to confirm to standards for water quality analysis

Environmental education and information

  • Information about the Blue Flag needs to be displayed clearly at the beach
  • Information about water quality must be displayed
  • A map of the beach showing facilities needs to be displayed
  • A beach code of conduct must be displayed showing the laws governing the use of the beach and surrounding area
  • Information related to the local environment needs to be shown

Environmental management

  • The beach needs to be clean
  • Toilet facilities are available, kept clean and waste is appropriately disposed of
  • No camping, driving or dumping of waste on the beach
  • Bins need to be available and emptied on a regular basis
  • Algae vegetation and natural debris should be left on the beach
  • Recycling should be available at the beach
  • During high season dogs needs to be kept away from the beach
  • All building and beach equipment must be appropriately maintained

Safety and services

  • Appropriate number of lifeguards are available
  • First aid equipment is available
  • Drinking water needs to be suppled and available at the beach
  • Wheelchair access must be in place
  • To protect beach users and cope with pollution, safety measures and plans need to be in place

Menorca’s 2016 Blue Flag beach winners include:
Binibeca, Cala Galdana, Cala en Porter, Son Bou and Punta Prima.

Menorca’2 2016 Blue Flag Marina winners include:
Port de Fornells and Port of Ciutadella

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Blue Flag Award Criteria

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