Lighthouses in Menorca

With seven strategically positioned beacons these important watchtowers have been providing a guiding lights for seafarers for many years with the oldest dating back to 1852.

There are seven lighthouse’s on the island of Menorca and each and everyone have their own mysterious individual appeal and distinct character.

These magnificent structures continue to serve their original function and are located around the rugged coastline providing an important beam of light to alert and help aid seafarers navigate dangerous waters.

Not only are these imposing towers uniquely interesting but also the landscape surrounding them can be stunning. The lighthouse located in the North East Cap de Favàritx stands 47 metres above sea level and is surrounded by some stunning rugged landscape more suited to surface of the moon.

A visit to one or more of these lighthouse is well recommended.

Our Highlights...

Cap de Favàritx Lighthouse

A large impressive lighthouse sitiuated on the North East coast thats still providing safetly to sea-goers. 

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