Es Moli de Dalt

07710 Sant Lluís

Es Moli de Dalt

The Es Molí de Dalt windmill is situated on the northern side of the town of Sant Lluis and dates back to 1762. Originally there were three flour mills in Sant Lluis: Molí d’Enmig, Molí de Baix but Es Molí de Dalt is the last standing of the three.

The mill is also home to the Ethnological museum of Sant Lluis where you can discover numerous agricultural tools and machinery that was once used to work the land including ploughs, cheese press, black smiths tools, bread kneading machine and an old farmers cart.

Climbing the spiralling staircase you will discover more agricultural artefact’s. At the top of the windmill there are some wonderful views of Sant Lluis to the South, West and North, it’s well worth the climb!

Open Monday to Saturday

From 10am – 1pm and 8pm – 9pm

Closed on Sundays

The museum is free

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