La Mola

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La Mola

The fortress of Isabel II is located on the north side of Mahon, on the peninsula of La Mola.

It was the British in 1708 that started the construction of the first fort on La Mola called Fort of St. Anne, named after the wife of the governor of Menorca at the time James Murray. They constructed several fortified structures such as ravelins and hornworks. However, during the 1760s the British made the strategic decision to stop the construction and to instead reinforce the Castle of San Felipe a fortification located on the south side of Mahon’s harbour.

In 1802 Spain recaptured the island from the British for the last time and in 1847 they started fortifying La Mola and by 1848 the new fortress was completed and over the next few years modifications were made.

The fortress has never been attacked so the condition is excellent. It will take approximately 2-3 hours.

Open daily from 10am to 8pm

Adults: 8.00 €
Groups (20 people): 6.40 €
Special admission: 5.50 €
Reduced admission: 4.00 €
Under 6's admission: Free

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