Son Bou Roman Basilicas

Son Bou, 07730 Alaior

Son Bou Roman Basilicas

The Roman Basilicas at Son Bou is located on the eastern end of the beach. A Basilicas are a type of Roman building that was built between 300 and 400 AD. These religious buildings were used for public gatherings like a public hall.

The basilica at Son Bou is in a rectangle form and has three naves separated by pillars, a three-part head, and a small vestibule. The font used for baptism’s is cylindrical in shape with a small cross on the inside.

Another notable example of a Christian Basilicas left behind by the Romans is the Basílica Des Fornas De Torelló that has a mosaic effect on the flooring.

The Roman Basilicas are open all year round

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