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Welcome to Cala Menorca, your guide to Menorca, Spain. Find everything you need to plan your next trip, from the best resorts, hotels, top attractions and activities to useful traveller information.

  • Son Bou

    The stunning beautiful unspoilt beach at Son Bou

    Photo: Alessandro Messi
  • Binibeca

    Menorca holidays offer a wide variety of resorts

  • Aqua Center Warer Park

    The perfect destination for a family holiday

Things to see and do


Menorca Attractions

This small Spanish island has a wide range of attractions to be explored and plenty of things to do.


Menorca Activities

Menorca offers a wide range of activities to suit all ages and interests from Cycling to Scuba diving to horse riding.



The prehistoric period spans from when the first human settlements dating back to approximately 2300 B.C. until 123 B.C. when the Roman conquest occurred.

Great for kids

Great for kids

When the islands beachs are note enough there are some alternative outdoor activities to keep the family entertained.

Menorca beaches


The 216km long coastline with numerous beautiful beaches with fine white sands, secluded coves surrounded by pines wooded trees, dramatic rugged volcanic rock and sparkling clear green blue waters.

Menorca Museums


Discover a rich history and cultural heritage dating back over 4000 thousand years by exploring museums, fortresses, churches and the largest number of prehistoric sites in the Mediterranean.

Places to stay

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Son Bou

Son Bou

Son Bou is a good sized resort offering many amenities and attractions for those visiting with a family or as a couple. The resort has three distinct areas central Son Bou, San Jaime and Torre Soli Nou.



Its 3km stretch is home to Binibeca Vell in the West through Binibeca Nou and onto Cala Torret to the East. The entire area is characterised by private white washed villas and apartments. Binibeca is a wonderful quiet resort for those looking for a relaxing holiday.


Punta Prima

Punta Prima is another good sized Menorca resort catering well for both families and couples and is a favorite amongst our friends. The resort has a mix of private villas and apartments, as well as several hotels situated around the resort

Cala Galadana

Cala Galdana

Cala galdana is a wonderful resort situated in the south west coast of Menorca just a few miles south of Ferreries. The resort offers a good range of accommodation including numerous hotels, apartments and privately owned villas.

Things to do

Cala Macarella & Macarelleta beach Sunday, April 6, 2014-

Cala Macarella & Macarelleta beach

Cala Macarella is a stunning beach situated on the south west coast of Menorca, 10 miles from Ciutadella.
Cala en Turqueta beach Sunday, April 6, 2014-

Cala en Turqueta beach

Cala en Turqueta is one of the prettiest beaches. Situated on the South West coastline it’s approximately 2.5 miles from Sant Joan.

Cala Galdana beach Wednesday, April 2, 2014-

Cala Galdana beach

Situated on the south coast just 11 km from Ferreries, Cala Galdana  is ones of Menorca’s most beautiful beaches. Sheltered by cliffs covered with pines trees the beach is a sweeping horseshoe shape with calm crystal clear waters.

Club Sant Jaime Saturday, April 5, 2014-

Club Sant Jaime

Situated in Son Bou Club Sant Jaime has many attractions for children. Activities include a swimming pool with water chutes as well as a wooden maze with water sprinklers during the day and monsters at night.

Cala n Bosch beach Sunday, April 6, 2014-

Cala n Bosch beach

Cala n Bosch beach is ideal for children as it is a shallow sandy cove with a gentle slope. There is a Red Cross Lifeguard as well as pedalos, sunbeds, and parasols for hire.
Menorca Cheese Museum Friday, August 15, 2014-

Menorca Cheese Museum

Menorca is famous for its Cheese worldwide being produced by age long traditional processes for over 25 years.

Lloc de Menorca zoo Saturday, April 5, 2014-

Lloc de Menorca zoo

The Menorca Zoo situated on the Alaior to Mahon road has a good variety of animals including goats, cows, horses, deer, tortoises, emu’s, snakes, parrots and wide variety of birds.

Son Bou beach Sunday, April 6, 2014-

Son Bou beach

Son Bou beach is the largest beach in Menorca measuring 3km. Its crystal clear turquoise water with a gentle sloping shelf is perfect for children. The furthest end of the beach is for naturists.