Tourist attractions in Menorca

Tourist attractions in Menorca

Make the most of the top Menorcan attractions with our guide to islands must-sees

Menorca is a location of natural beauty, from the island’s beaches to its prehistoric remains to its 21st century attractions, the country is there for all the family to enjoy.

Menorca is an island with a large range of tourist attractions to suite all ages and interests from mysterious prehistoric settlements, roman remains and 18th century forts through to our waterparks and spectacular beaches.

The island is small enough to easily travel around and you don’t need to travel far to have an amazing experience.

The island’s coastline is dotted with beautiful beaches with soft white sands lapped by clear turquoise water and are arguably the most beautiful in the Mediterranean. A tourist attraction you’ll never forget.

Explore the islands amazing historic past with Megalithic monuments scattered across the countryside dating back to the bronze age or visit on of the many defence towers, castles and forts left behind from many years of war with the British and French during the 18th century.


There’s also plenty of attractions for kids and families to experience and enjoy, from exciting thrilled packed water and adventure parks to visiting Menorca’s main cities of Mahon and Ciutadella and its ports, where you discover lots more smaller attractions to keep the family entertained.  We also include a guide to the best free attractions in Menorca.

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Los Delfines AquaPark

Los Delfines AquaPark

A small to medium sized waterpark situated in the resort of Cala en Blanes, on the west side of the island. Five fantatic slides, a great section for younger children and a great restuarant offering a range of tasty lunches.

West Menorca / Cala en Blanes

Es Moli de Dalt

Es Moli de Dalt

A windmill situated in the typical Menorca's town of Sant Lluis. Founded by the French in the 18th century and named after King Louis IX.

South East Menorca / Sant Lluis