Paddleboarding in Menorca

Try the latest fun water sport craze of Paddleboarding, although don’t be mistaken by thinking it’s a new watersport! Paddleboarding with its Hawaiian heritage dates back to the 1950’s when surfers on the famous Waikki Beach in Hawaii used to stand up and paddle out to the surf break using their surf boards and a paddle. By standing up it gave them better visibility of incoming swells and for those taking surfing photos kept the cameras dry!

Planoram Paddleboarding

The Menorca coastline and its tranquil waters makes paddleboarding an excellent activity for those trying out a new fun activity or as an alternative way to train and keep fit. Rent a board and a paddle and head out on the open waters at one of the many Menorca beaches. Planoram the activity and adventure specialists offers the following paddleboarding experiences:

Stand up paddleboarding initiation and tour

Suitable for all ages and a great way to visit new beaches or caves when the sea is calm. Planoram paddleboarding includes board, paddle and life jackets, as well instructor and liability insurance. This experience last for around 1.5 hours, including half an hour explanation and 1 hour tour.

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