Festivals in Menorca 2017

Menorca horse fiestas 2017

Enjoy one of Menorca's festas that dates back to the fourteenth century

During the summer months, the Menorcan’s celebrate their islands festivals commonly known as “Jaleo”. These festivals date back to the 14th century and have a religious origin and each village or town take their turn to celebrate their Patron Saint’s day. The first of which the festival of Sant Joan in Ciutadella and the last the festival of Gràcia in Mahón.

Horses play an important role in the festivals and are the star of the show along with their riders. These beautiful creatures are purebred Menorcan horses with black coats. The horses jump and dance amongst festival goer’s whist music is played out. The riders rear the horses up on to their rear legs while brave members of the crowd help support the horses and remain standing. Historically there was belief that rather than supporting the horse the individuals were touching the horses heart for good luck.

The festivals are held over two days and begins with a parade, the leader ‘Fabioler’ plays a flute and drums whilst followed by the caixers riders dressed in black and white riding the decorated horses. When they arrive at the town or villages square, the Jaleo begins.

Most of the festivals have fairground rides, competitions, fireworks and music and a wonderful family friendly atmosphere.

Please find below the list of festivals in Menorca during 2017:

Festival of Sant Joan
23rd-25th June – Ciutadella

Festival of Sant Marti
15th - 16th July - Es Mercadal

Festival of Sant Antoni
22nd - 23rd July - Fornells

Festival of Sant Jaume
24th - 26th July - Es Castell

Festival of Sant Cristofol
29th - 30th July - Es Migjorn Gran

Festival of Sant Gaieta
5th - 7th August - Llucmacanes

Festival of Sant Llorenc
12th - 13th August - Alaior

Festival of Sant Climent
19th - 21st August - Sant Climent

Festival of Sant Bartomeu
23rd - 25th August - Ferreries

Festival of Sant Lluis
26th - 27th August - Sant Lluis

Festival of Gràcia
6th - 9th September - Mahon

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