S'Algar resort guide

Resort Guide

A Great Location to Experience Menorca's Best Attractions

Located on the eastern coast of Menorca, this resort is relaxing, no sandy beach but makes up with the variety of things to do nearrby

S’Algar is a popular resort due to it being one of Menorca’s main centres for scuba diving.

Accommodation consists of just two hotels but consists mainly of private white washed villas as well as a good few apartment complexs.

A supermarket is near the sea front witch offers the basic shopping needs for holidays, as well as a bakery, gift shop and car hire centre. There is very large supermarket at Sant Lluis on the road to Mahon just 15 mins drive away, which offers excellent value for money and huge variety.

Centre of the resort
Cala en Porter beach and restaurants
Kayaking in Cala en Porter

There are two restaurants in S’Algar and a pizza restaurant in the Las Palmeras apartments complex. Nightlife is centered around the hotels and bar restaurants.

Shops in the centre of Cala en Porter
Pharmacy, bars and restaurants in Cala en Porter
The resort of Cala en Porter
Wetlands behind the beach in Cala en Porter
Cova d'en Xoroi, a nightclub located in a beautiful cliff
Sa Paissa hotel and restaurant
Supermarket in the centre of Cala en Porter
Main Supermarket in Cala en Porter
Castillo Sancho Panza hotel, Cala en Porter

The area also offers …

Tranqvil Spa

Tranqvil Spa

A range of gorgeous spa's located at several hotels across Menorca.  Also available a mobile spa service, spa day packages and a beauty products shop in Mahon.

Cala en Bosch, Salger, Mahon and Santo Tomas

Torralba den Salort

Torralba den Salort

This settlement has an impressive standing taula reaching to 5 metres in height as well as two outstanding talayots, caves and building remains.

East Menorca / Alaior to Cala en porter road

Cala Alcafaur beach

Cala Alcafaur beach

The beach of Alcaufar is situated just 5km from Sant Lluis in the South East corner of Menorca.

East Menorca, Alcafaur, Sant Lluis

Talati de Dalt

Talati de Dalt

Talati de dalt is the most popular settlement on the island it contains an unusual elliptical-base conical talayot, a large leaning taula, and several dwellings as well as well preserved defensive wall.

East Menorca / Mahón