Binibeca, Menorca

Binibeca is a stunning and peaceful resort situated in the southeast of Menorca, perfect for families or couples looking for a quiet resort

About Binibeca

Its 3km stretch is home to Binibeca Vell in the West through Binibeca Nou and onto Cala Torret to the East.The entire area is characterised by private white washed villas and apartments. Binibeca is a wonderful quiet resort for those looking for a relaxing holiday.

Binibeca Vell to the west has been developed tastefully over the years with many privately owned villas and apartments. One of the benefits of staying in Binibeca Vell is its small commercial centre that has a great selection of restaurants, bars, supermarkets and souvenir shops.   There is also a nightclub in the commercial centre and Chinese restaurant offering takeouts.

One of the main attractions to Binibeca Vell is its Menorca styled fishermens village designed by Spanish architect Antonio Sintes in 1972 which is a wonderful place to escape the sun and its ideal for families as it’s a traffic free zone. Local suppliers offer their produce at markets held at Binibeca Vell nearby the fishermens village.

The area behind Binibeca beach is known as Binibeca Nou, where accommocation is mainly single story villas, set amongst the hillside with amazing views of the sea. Tennis courts can also be found in Binibeca Nou, visit the tourist information centre for more information.

During summer months a mobile pizza van and icecream store are available on the bridge next to the entrance to the beach and car park. A kids playground can also be found opposite the beach.

The easterrn most area of Binibeca is called Cala Torret. This area also has single story villas as well an apartment complex with restaurants and bars. The tourist information centre for the area is also located here offering a wealth of information on the island.  Internet access is also available for a small charge and a childrens playground. 

A scuba diving centre is located in Cala Torret called Binibeca Diving offers boat and kayak hire and snorkeling courses. Local bands play at the square and outside the diving centre. A large well stocked supermarket can also be found in the Cala Torret apartment complex.

There is an option during high season of catching a holiday Train that travels the coastal road between Binibeca Vell, Binibeca Nou, Binibeca Torret and Punta Prima, another popular resort.

Map of Binibeca

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Things to do near Binibeca

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Talati de Dalt

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Fishermens Village

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Military Museum

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Punta Prima beach Sunday, April 6, 2014-

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Binibeca beach Sunday, April 6, 2014-

Binibeca beach