Santo Tomas resort guide

Santo Tomas
Resort Guide

An Old Traditional Menorcan Fishing Village

Located on the north-eastern coast of Menorca in an area of outstanding natural beauty

Es Grau is a small, sleepy Menorcan fishing village that offers an old-fashioned family seaside holiday with an authentic insight into Menorcan life and cuisine. Children can enjoy paddling in its shallow crystal clear waters whilst teenagers can experience un activities such as sea kayaking, stand up paddle boarding or snorkelling. With a handful of delicious restaurants, selling fresh fish tapas and local other specialisties, Es Grau is one of Menorca’s best-kept secrets.

Th resort is also home to Menorca’s largest nature reserve, S’Albufera des Grau, a wetland that stretches north with a large lake in the middle rich in marine life. The area is also rich in plants including shrubs, wild flowers and several species of tress. There is also a large variety of birdlife.

The area also offers …

Talati de Dalt

Talati de Dalt

Talati de dalt is the most popular settlement on the island it contains an unusual elliptical-base conical talayot, a large leaning taula, and several dwellings as well as well preserved defensive wall.

East Menorca / Mahón

SUPaire Menorca

SUPaire Menorca

Offering equipment hire as well as kayaking and paddle boarding excursions and windsurfing lessons.

South East Menorca, Punta Prima